about me:

My name is Andrew Mckay and I an amateur photographer living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have always loved photography, and recently after I found that my digital SLR was collecting too much dust for my liking, I decided to start a photoblog. The intention of this blog is to get me out and about shooting pictures on a regular basis. I try to post one image every day if time permits.

By day I am a Computer Engineer (not a PEng yet, though thinking of going that route some day) working at a company named Iders Inc. Photography takes a second seat to my Engineering career, but sometimes I entertain the idea of becoming a professional photographer. Usually at that point reality sets in, though sometimes it leads me to another investment in photography equipment.

contact information:

photoniceye at photoniceye.ca

aacmckay at gmail.com

online identities:


    photoniceye. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

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